Mobilize traditional print and media with a QR Code!

QR Codes know no boundaries and can be seen on anything from t-shirts to billboards to magazine ads and everything in between.
Create an instant connection with your customers from anywhere. Add yours to advertisements or create a sticker for all of your existing marketing pieces. QR's are always on the go!


Who benefits from using QR Codes?

29% of users connecting online in 2010 were using a smart phone and that number continues to grow each day. Widely used in Japan and Europe, QR Codes can help you market your business to smart phone users worldwide. No matter what industry you are in, these sophisticated "bar codes" like the ones used in retail stores can hold video, audio, photos, website links, e-books, coupons and so much more.

RetailStores Realtors Schools Sport Teams Restaurants Manufacturers
Government Agencies Artists and Entertainers Health Care Industry Banks Venues and Event Hosts Anyone that has a message that they want to share

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